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  • ISO initiatives

    Environmental philosophy

    As the social mission of our company, we will contribute to the realization of a healthy global environment and a society where continuous development is possible through business activities based on the desire to explore PCB design and manufacturing technology.

    • ISO14001:2004 certified.(Head Office)
    • Certifying organization: ABS Quality Evaluations
    • Certification number: 39760

    Action agenda

    ISO14001 updates page

    1. 1. We will strive to purchase and sell products compatible with environmental conservation.
      1. We will evaluate the environmental impact of all processes involved in our products, including purchase, design, production, sale and disposal.
      2. We will create an action plan to achieve environmental goals and targets and make necessary revisions.
      3. We will be aware of environmental risks and continuously strive to reduce environmental risks to society as a whole.
    2. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as any additional environmental requirements the company has agreed to.
      1. We will comply with the regulations of environmental laws, local agreements and requirements stipulated by our clients.
      2. Within the extent technologically and economically possible, we will create our own independent environmental standards and proactively comply with them.
    3. In order to achieve our environmental philosophy, we establish the following environmental goals and will continuously strive to improve our environmental performance.
      1. Proactively reduce environmental pollutants
      2. Administer and comply with laws and regulations
      3. Reduce waste through efficient design and the elimination of inefficiency
      4. Promote energy and resource conservation
    4. We will publicize environmental education and the content of our environmental activities.
      1. We will strive to educate about environmental management in addition to notifying all employees and involved parties about our environmental policy.
      2. We will make this policy available to the general public.

    Quality policy

    ISO9001 updates page

    We seek to acquire our clients’ trust by providing quality which meets their requirements and expectations.

    • ISO9001:2008 certified.(Head Office & Yamagata Office)
    • Certifying organization: ABS Quality Evaluations
    • Certification number: 34984