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    I want to receive my boards faster.
    Fast response and delivery are our specialty. For more further information, see our page on delivery times.
    Are you able to handle anything else besides PCB manufacture?
    We also accept orders for PCB design, mounting, metal mask production and component supply.
    Is it possible to make only one PCB?
    Yes. Orders for 1-10 prototypes are extremely common, so PRIKEN has production sizes for prototyping ready, benefitting you in terms of the total cost.
    What types of surface treatments do you use?
    Lead solder leveler, lead-free solder leveler, OSP, electrolytic gold plating, electroless gold plating, gold plated wire bonding, rhodium plating, etc. We also accept orders for heavy deposition gold plating.
    What types of board thicknesses do you use?
    From thin to thick, we offer a wide variety of PCB thicknesses. Please consult with us.
    Please tell me your board material manufacturers.
    Panasonic works is our main supplier, though we can be supplied by any manufacturer. We are also able to work with client-supplied materials.
    What kinds of resist and silk screening colors do you offer?
    For resist, we offer green, blue, black, white and red. For silk screening, we offer white, black and yellow.
    Do you offer non-traditional routing or printing?
    PRIKEN uses NC routers for all boards. However, edge routing and cavity routing are also possible in addition to standard external routing. Concerning non-traditional printing, carbon printing for contact points is also available.
    I want to use a board material with high heat dissipation characteristics.
    We supply aluminum base PCBs. When you indicate uses such as for power-related applications and LEDs, we can suggest materials including those used for the board itself.
    Do you offer PCBs capable of handling RF Board?
    We offer various materials including Teflon, PPE and PPO. We make suggestions based on what you will be using the PCBs for. We are also happy to discuss the properties of the materials we offer, so feel free to ask.
    Can you make silver through hole PCBs?
    Yes. We are also able to provide express delivery of silver through hole PCBs. Silver through hole PCBs require a little more time than standard PCBs, however, so please consult with us in advance.
    Can you make environmentally friendly PCBs?
    Yes. In addition to RoHS-compliant surface treatments, we also manufacture single-sided, double-sided and multilayer halogen-free PCBs.

    Shipping companies

    We ship products via DHL.
    *We can also ship through other companies. Please contact us.

    In the unlikely event of a product defect, please contact the office below. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.