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    Client A Client A(Development supervisor at a Japanese assembly manufacturer)
    We used to use PRIKEN when we were located in Japan. We have been located in China for three years now and we generally prototype PCBs with a local Chinese manufacturer. Last month, due to a design mistake, we absolutely needed to have some PCBs within a week. When we contacted PRIKEN, they told us they could make our 4-layer boards in two days. Including delivery, the boards were in our hands within four days. Chinese manufacturers can’t provide that kind of support. We will be using PRIKEN again for all our rush orders.
    Client B Client B(Purchasing agent at a Japanese parts manufacturer)
    We make module PCBs in China, but we were in a tough spot recently when there was a sudden change in the parts we were using because there wasn’t enough time before mass production could be started. Our technology supervisor heard about PRIKEN and, after contacting them, was told that not only could they prototype boards, they could also mass produce them. It takes one month for Chinese manufacturers to start mass producing boards, but PRIKEN was able to start mass producing our boards in just two weeks. Although I was worried as it was our first time working with them, I was surprised by all the advice they gave us on top of making the boards. Chinese manufacturers don’t give detailed advice like that and there are often problems with the boards they make. We had no problems with PRIKEN and were able to get the boards they made for us without worry. It’s always unfortunate when there’s any sort of trouble, but we intend to consult with PRIKEN again the next time we have a problem.